Learning The Laws Of Your State

It is very important that you know the laws of your state.  As each year passes new laws are enacted to help improve the environment, prevent crime and even to gain more income out of your paycheck.  The excuse of not knowing the laws doesn’t go over well in the court systems even though many judges and legal individuals know that you have no knowledge of these laws.  To help you gain a knowledge of these laws, consult an experienced law attorney new orleans la for information.

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Drive safely

Driving safely will help you to avoid any vehicle citations and tickets.  Operating a vehicle is a surefire way for the government to make money off of you.  Make sure that you stop at all traffic lights, use your turn signals, have your tags up to date and drive slow.  If you drive safely and have everything up to date then there are no reasons to be stopped and ticketed.

Keep your pets on a leash

Pets can cost you some money quickly if you are not paying attention.  Animal control will want to ensure that your pet is on a leash, has had all of their shots and are not running free.  If animal control feels that deems your pet to be a danger they have the rights to take them in.

Blue laws

One thing that you will want to be aware of are blue laws.  These are laws that are on the books but don’t really get enforced.  If you find yourself in a situation of being stopped and questioned it is possibly because of one of the blue laws they have on the books.  Some blue laws included not smoking in public, being able to beat your wife on the steps of the courthouse and even men not being able to be outside without wearing a hat.

When it comes to protecting the public laws are great.  However, not knowing these laws and being able to defend yourself in court can lead to a lot of lost income and increased headache.